Oxalis compressa (weed)
Male Spinifex (photo: Roger Cousens)
artichoke thistle (weed)
Sea spurge coastal invasive plant
Large population of Echium vulgare
Cakile (we study its biology)
Hybridisation happened among Cakile
Sea spurge
Cakile and sooty tern chick
Weahgrass eaten by Kangaroos

Welcome to The Invasive Plant Population Biology Lab, led by Prof. Roger Cousens. We are interested in the processes that lead to temporal and spatial patterns in invading populations. We use a wide range of approaches, from modelling to molecular markers, manipulation to monitoring, mono- to multi-disciplinary.  Our current focus is on coastal invasions, involving interactions between invaders and pollinators, but our objective is to understand invasions in general.

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